Swakopmund is being blown up and showered with stuntmen as the filming on AMC's production of The Prisoner reaches its ninth week.

Kerrin Kokot,'s new multi-media producer, allows us a peek into her production diary:

"On Monday afternoon I watched a crew of stunt men get blown up in a cloud of pyrotechnics. While they seemed quite happy to be treated like sand bags, I couldn't help but worry for their safety as bodies, glass and bottles of ketchup were blasted in the middle of suburban Swakopmund. Happily no one was injured, and the fireworks display ended with a round of applause from locals and crew alike."
And Rachel Blake had been getting dirty in her pyjamas whilst Jeffrey R. Smith has been freezing his knackers off in the Atlantic where Kerrin describes:
"...his character was about to encounter something quite terrifying."
Oh. Could that mean...Rover is alive and well?

At the end of the ninth week of shooting the production finally moves to studios in Cape Town to complete shooting on the six-part mini-series. Meanwhile here's costume designer Jane Clive talking about abnormal clothes:

AMC's The Prisoner blog

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(Thanks to AMC for the images, Kerrin's blogs for the comments.)

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