Airing this evening in the U.S. is the second episode of ABC's version of Life On Mars. The premiere episode won its time slot and has had some favourable reviews Stateside. The second episode, The Real Adventures Of The Unreal Sam Tyler, is previewed here:

3 Responses to “LIFE ON MARS U.S. - SNEAK PEEK: EPISODE 2”
  1. Lucy McGough says:

    I saw the start and I was like, "They're copying the UK version AGAIN?"

    Anyway . . . I await your review with interest.


  2. FRANK says:

    We shall see, we shall see...they may very well use up all of the Uk storylines first and then, if they're still a hit, they'll have to come up with original stuff.

  3. Lucy McGough says:

    I'd rather they came up with original stuff from the word go. I can't bear lazy writing! xxx

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