Premiering tonight (9th October) is the first episode of the re-vamped U.S. version of Life On Mars. The show has relocated the action to New York and is now gambling that the casting of Harvey Keitel, as Gene Hunt, will get the naysayers to back off. Cue booming voice over and a sense of deja vu...

If...I can get hold of a copy then I'll give it a whirl and foist a review upon you all!

  1. Lucy McGough says:

    It looks.... okay!


  2. Just...bizarre without John Simm and Philip Glennister. I remember seeing a trailer for the earlier pilot version with Colm Meaney as Gene Hunt and I have to admit he had the right physicality for the role. Harvey Keitel's an odd one because he's so well-known from other film roles and I can't help thinking Sam Tyler works better as a rather weedier character rather than someone big and beefy like this bloke who, frankly, looks like he could lay keitel out with one punch. Still, it'll be worth a look when it finally make its way over to the UK. Thanks for posting the trailer! :)

  3. FRANK says:

    Thanks for popping in, Paul.

    I've now seen the first episode and the review is posted above. Enjoy.

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