Well, it's all change on the ABC remake of Life On Mars over in the U.S. The much vilified pilot didn't cut the mustard and David Kelley, one of the original execs behind the remake, has now departed the show. The original location for the series has also been switched from Los Angeles to New York and Colm Meaney has been replaced by the legendary Harvey Keitel in the role of Gene Hunt! This is Harvey Keitel's first-ever regular TV series role, with Det. Gene Hunt, heading up the homicide department. Keitel stars opposite the only pilot cast survivor Jason O'Mara (as Sam Tyler), as well as Michael Imperioli (Det. Ray Caling) and Jonathan Murphy (Det. Chris Skelton).

The thirteen episode run begins on 9th October. Here are some ABC promo pics and perhaps the first clip featuring Keitel from the opening episode Out Here In The Fields . Have they got it right this time? Time will tell.

ABC Life On Mars site

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2 Responses to “LIFE ON MARS U.S. REMAKE - UPDATE”
  1. Well, those clips look so much better than what I saw of the original pilot. Just as the British version was a homage to The Sweeney, any amercinaised version had to be a homage to Kojak and not Starsky and Hutch. It also looks as if it is staying truer to the source with Annie still be in uniform at the start of the series. And casting Harvey Keitel as Gene Hunt is an act of genius.

  2. FRANK says:

    Browncoatcat! How do you do?

    Thanks for popping by. Yep, with the casting of Harvey K this has officially got interesting. My tentative plan is to find the episode on the interweb and watch it with a review to follow. Some October fun.



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