Filming commenced on Series 2 of the award-winning Ashes To Ashes on Monday 8th September. On location in West London, the tabloid celeb gossips have been having a go at Philip Glenister's appearance on set - basically in dressing gown and slippers and munching on a banana! Pictures from London Media later show him back in familiar Gene attire but with a pair of wellies in the company of Dean Andrews.

In an interview with Radio Times recently, Keeley Hawes has been forthright about the criticism she's received about her character Alex. Hawes said the sexual chemistry between the two characters was undeniable.

"I'd like to see Gene and Alex get together just to shut people up so they stop asking me about it! But I don't know if that would be a good thing, just to get it out the way and move on or leave it hanging," she said. Some of the mixed critical reception has apparently felt like a "punch in the face" but she has been delighted with the public's response. The series has just won the Best New Drama award at the TV Quick/TV Choice Awards.

She also indicated that Series 2 will bring about some changes:

"I know that it's moving to 1982, so Alex will have been there a bit and chilled out more. But that's all I know!".

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