AMC/ITV have released this video of the read-through in London of their new production of the classic ITC series The Prisoner. The re-make, written by Bill Gallagher and starring Jim Calvalziel as Number 6 and Sir Ian McKellen as Number 2. Shooting will take place through till November on the new 6 part series.

McKellen has started up his own Prisoner blog on AMC's website and said of the legendary Patrick McGoohan, star of the original series in 1967, "I hope he takes this new version of The Prisoner as a compliment rather than a challenge to his great achievement."

AMC's The Prisoner blog

Where am I ? In the Village...
Location filming takes place in Namibia with the coastal African town of Swakopmund chosen by the producers as a replacement for the iconic Italianate Welsh village of Portmeirion where McGoohan filmed the original series. Swakopmund is a resort town with German-colonial architecture that the producers hope will make the new series as visually interesting as its predecessor. (Pictures courtesy of Brian McMorrow)

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