UPDATED 26/06/08

Harriet's back in town

Close up of the chained up Caan

The Doc and Sarah

Rose with a very big gun

Radio Times 3 page article this week has a juicy spread

Shadow Proclamation representative with Judoon

More Judoon

Two images of Earth under attack - note the additional planets and moons

Originally posted 20/6/08
Flying round the interweb as we speak are a series of images from Episode 12 of Series 4, 'The Stolen Earth'.

So what do we have:

1. The long rumoured group shot of the Super Douper Doctor's Army!

2. Daleks rounding up the citizens...of Leeds!

3. Poor old Dalek chains

And a little extra for all you lovely visitors....

'The Stolen Earth' goes out on Saturday 28th June. Enjoy! And come back for a review of 'Turn Left' this weekend.

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  1. Alec W says:

    this website is amazing great pictures how did you get them

  2. FRANK says:

    Thanks, Alec. A lot of hard work and being in the right place at the right time. I frequent a lot of forums and blogs, keep an eye out on You Tube and share an awful lot with other fans of the show. Timing is often of the essence. Screencaps from Blue Peter I literally picked up as it was transmitted from a fellow poster on the Doctor Who Forum. It's a collaborative effort with lots of fans. We also try and make it available to non-UK readers as stuff on the BBC's You Tube channel is restricted. Enjoy. I expect some new images from the finale will pop up very soon as the BBC releases stuff well in advance.

  3. Alec says:

    would it be possible to post my website on your website and your blogsite on mine

  4. FRANK says:


    What's the URL of your site? I'll pop over and have a look and let's see if I can add you to my blogroll of places to visit. If I like what I see then I'm more than happy to have a link here and would appreciate a link on your site. It's what the blogospshere is all about.



  5. FRANK says:

    Alec, I've popped you in the list of places to visit as 'Alec's Doctor Who Site'. That OK?

    And thanks for putting the link to this blog on your site. Much appreciated.

  6. Alec says:

    Not a problem Thanks very much


  7. Rose Tyler Fan says:

    Love this Episode!!

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