DESKTOP THEME.....Oh, Leopard Skin ?

Just a quick note to let all my lovely visitors know, both those that regularly drop in and those that merely stumble in here, that I'll be doing a bit of decorating and re-arranging the furniture over the next few days.

So, you'll still be able to read posts but it might look a little rough round the edges whilst I sort it all out. I hope you like the changes.

I'd also like to encourage all of you to subscribe to posts and pop in a few comments. I'm always delighted to get feedback, even if you disagree with me completely, and I'd welcome much more interactivity.

Anyway, to whet your appetites, you can look forward to reviews of 'Sweeney Todd', 'Ashes To Ashes' (from Feb 7th, folks!), books and soundtrack albums and the regular 'Torchwood' and 'Who' material....Enjoy!

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